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Report December 10, 2008

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) Report of Encounter

Date report submitted to RFPRP: December 10, 2008

Date of encounter: November 6 or 7, 2008.

Time of incident: 2:30 am.

Weather conditions: Clear, with a few scattered clouds, ¾ moon, temperature between 45 & 50 degrees.

State: Alabama.

County: Clarke.

Nearest city or town: Near the community of Salitpa.

Location: On an undisclosed county road between State Highway #69 and the Tombigbee River.

Nearest road: Undisclosed.

General land use: Timber production with scattered rural homesteads.

General terrain description: Rolling hills, generally covered with pine plantations, which abruptly terminate and form the eastern margins of the Tombigbee River Basin. The basin itself consists of dense oak forests with heavy palmetto undergrowth. The basin contains numerous areas of swamps, oxbow lakes and marshes. Much of the basin is flooded by heavy rains during the spring and winter months.

Nearest lakes and streams: An undisclosed creek which empties into the Tombigbee River.

Witness profile: A mature woman who moved to the area about one year ago from a northern state.

Activities of witness prior to the encounter: The woman is spending some time at the home of her grandparents. She said that she enjoyed sitting outside late at night in Alabama because she could hear animals and see the stars which she had been unable to do where she previously lived. She had made herself a cup of coffee, put on a sweater and walked out onto a deck on the back of the house. She said when she sat down in a chair on the deck, she noticed that the dogs in the area were “going crazy” and “barking as if they were scared to death”. She said that eight of the dogs belonged to her son-in-law who lived in the area, and the others she heard belonged to a family who lived about one half mile away from the back of the house. She said there was an old road, which had overgrown and is now just a path, which led out of the deep woods on the hillside behind the house and into a corner of the back yard that had been recently used for a small garden.

She sat a few minutes listening to the dogs, watching clouds pass over the moon and looking at the bright stars. The sounds the dogs were making were so frantic that she stood up and walked off the deck into the yard to listen more closely. She previously heard the dogs barking at people, other dogs and at deer, but she had never heard them bark in this manner.

Description of the encounter/incident: The woman suddenly heard something running down the hillside toward her. The runner was breaking limbs and crunching leaves and twigs obviously moving fast down the path. A few seconds after first hearing those sounds, she began to hear what sounded like a man breathing heavily, quickly and loudly as if the man was exerting himself and nearly exhausted. The witness was frozen in surprise and fear, and simply stared at the pathway opening in the tree line.

Seconds later, a huge, hair covered man-like creature burst out of the pathway into the yard, still breathing heavily and loudly. As she stared in disbelief, the creature stared directly at her as it continued running into the corner of the old garden spot. When it broke out of the tree line, the witness said the animal was within 25 feet of her.

At that point the witness wheeled and ran up the steps onto the deck and immediately into the house.

Description of creature: The witness stated that the creature was, to her, unbelievably tall, massive and fast. She said that the animal was at least 9 feet tall and very wide and muscular. She said its hair was not black, but appeared to be a light reddish/brown. The witness stated she wanted me to understand that she was not sure that the creature was actually exposed to the direct light from the moon when she was watching it; she said that it may have been in shadows of the trees. But she said the whole yard was clearly visible from the light of the moon and stars. She said that the creature’s hair-covered legs were so massive that she could see no open space between them when it was running toward her. She also said that she could not see the animal’s neck because its neck and head were covered by long hair, “like someone who draped a big floor mop over their head”. She said she thought she could see its eyes when it looked directly at her, but she could give no description other than she thought they looked “bigger, and more oval shaped than a humans”. She particularly noted that its hair was long all over its body, but the hair was not loose and flowing as it ran. She said the hair appeared to be “layered” and lay close to the body. She said that the animal had hair, not fur.

The witness stated with absolute certainty that what she saw was not a person in a fake suit, a bear (she has seen bears in the wild), a deer, or any other recognized animal species.

During the telephone interview the witness repeatedly mentioned that the animal was running at a speed that was amazing to her and said more than once that the animal “looked too big and heavy to be able to move as fast as it running”.

Photos and drawing: None.

Description of relative sounds: As described above.

Description of relative scents: None detected.

Other details: When the writer spoke to the witness on her cell phone she was in her grandparents’ home. Part of that time she was outside, and standing in the same spot as when the encounter took place. She said that her grandfather is about six feet tall, and when he stands in the same spot in which she saw the animal, he is at least three feet shorter than the animal when using the brush in that area as reference.

After receiving and discussing details of her encounter, I asked the witness to ask her grandparents (who had lived at the location for 15 years) if they had ever heard unusual animal sounds in the area at night. The grandparents said they really had not. I asked that she ask them if they had every heard the sounds exactly like those of a woman screaming at night coming from the wooded hills or the river bottoms. The grandfather said that both of them had heard that sound a few years ago, but did not know what made it. As an afterthought he said that they often heard the sounds of “someone” beating on trees at night, but didn’t know “who” that was.

Historical notes and investigators comments: The Tombigbee River Basin and the adjoining hills have generated numerous reports of large, hirsute enigmatic primates for at least 150 years. Older residents refer to the animals as “Hairy Men”. Some of those reports are recorded on this web site. This summer one of the creatures was seen by a seismograph crew in the Tombigbee River bottoms a few miles east of the location of the encounter described in this report.

The area of this latest encounter report has been the target of recent field investigations by both the Alabama Bigfoot Research Group and the RFP Research Project. Additional research and investigations are scheduled for that same area in January of 2009.

Report received and recorded by: Tal H. Branco – The RFP Research Project