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August 9, 2008 Report

The RFP Research Project – Encounter & Initial Field Investigation Report

Date Report Submitted to the RFPRP:  August 9, 2008.
Date of Encounters: (Approximate ) July 18, July 27 & August 2, 2008.
Time of Incident:  Varies as described.
Weather Conditions:  Not recorded.
State:  Alabama.
County:  Morgan.
Nearest City or Town:  Hulaco.
Location:  Not disclosed.
Nearest highway or road:  Not disclosed.
General Land Use Description:  Rural residential with some small farms and ranches.
General Terrain Description: Rolling hills / small mountains which are in places heavily forested.
Nearest Lakes or Streams: Not disclosed.
Witness Profiles: Three adult males who are native to the area and who are experienced outdoorsmen.
Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: As described.
Details of Encounters / Incident #1:  At approximately 10 pm on or about July 18, 2008 the reporting witness was in his shop with his father. It was very warm and the witness had an industrial fan blowing inside the shop and the “roll-up” door to the shop open. The witnesses heard a loud and “awful” screeching and screaming sound coming from outside which “stopped them in their tracks”. Both men walked outside to try to see what was making such a loud and unusual sound. They saw nothing, but whatever it was screeched again and the sound was louder and obviously closer.
The men never saw what was making the noise, but the primary witness said that the sound was so loud he jokingly said it must have been made by a 10 feet tall eagle. (The older man told his son he wasn’t sure he wanted to see what had made the sound.)
The younger man telephoned his brother-in-law who lives nearby and asked him if he had heard the sounds. That man said that he had heard them, and asked the caller, “What the hell was it?” The caller told him he did not know. His brother-in-law told him that whatever it was, it was close to his home at that time, and was “fading off the mountain behind him”. None of the men heard it again that night.
Incident #2:   Approximately one hour before dark on or about July 27, 2008, the younger of the two men mentioned above and his stepson were disconnecting tractor equipment at the barn when they heard a loud, long howl coming from the woods about 50 yards in front of them. The man told his stepson to go get a rifle because they might get a shot at a coyote. When the boy returned with a .22 caliber rifle, the howl came from the woods again, but this time the sound appeared to be coming from only about 75 feet away from the two. They could not see what was making the howling sounds but they could hear heavy breathing sound coming from that area of the woods. The man told the boy to keep the rifle ready because by that time he was sure it was not a coyote they were hearing.
The man again called his brother-in-law who lives nearby. At the time the brother-in-law was calling the witness because he had heard the howling sounds although he was inside  his home. The animal left the area, following the same path as before. It traveled past the brother-in-law’s house and off the side of the mountain, howling once more before fading out.
Incident #3: About 4:00 am on or about August 2, 2008 the man mentioned in the last incident was awakened by growling outside. He suspected it was dogs that had been getting into the trash. He picked up a handgun which had a light attached and slipped on his shoes. As he started outside, he was met in the hallway by his son who had also been awakened by the growling sounds.  When they got outside to investigate, they were immediately greeted by growling and huffing sounds, and the sounds of something pacing back and forth just inside the wood line that borders the yard. What ever it was, it remained always out of sight but close enough to see the witnesses. It paced back and forth covering about 20 feet in each direction, then would move along the wood line about 100 feet and pace again. The unseen animal’s movements continued to the right around the witnesses and eventually into the woods and out of hearing.
About one week after the latest incident, the witness discovered a large pile of scat in the edge of the yard along the wood line. The skat had characteristics and the shape of human feces, but its unusually large size seems to preclude that it was left by a human. (See attached photographs.)