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October 28, 2007 Report

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) – Report of Encounter

Preface: This report was received after one of the fathers contacted MG about something his son and two young men witnessed on private land next to their lease in October, 2007.

Date of Encounter:  October 28, 2007.

Time of Incident:  About 2 a.m.

Weather Conditions:  Cool, with clear skies. Temperature in the mid-40s, according to weather records.

State: Alabama.

County:  Talladega.

Nearest City or Town:  Sylacauga.

Location:  Withheld, as incident occurred on private land.

Nearest Highways or Roads:  Talladega County Road 008.

General Land Use Description: Privately owned timberlands and small livestock farms.

General Terrain Description:   High, rocky ridges cut by spring-fed branches and small creeks. The land is within the foothills marking the southwest termination of the Appalachian Mountains.

Nearest Lakes or Streams:  Coosa River (Lay Lake), Kahatchie Creek, Cohable Creek, and several small man-made lakes.

Witness Profile:  All three witnesses are in their early 20s. Two are full-time college students, and one works in a manufacturing plant. All have hunted most of their lives and are familiar with the indigenous wildlife in this part of the state.

Activities of Witnesses Prior to Encounter:  Witnesses were out joyriding in a new 4×4 pickup truck. They noticed an open gate onto private land on which there was a large hunting lease. One of the witnesses remembered there having been beaver ponds on the land, and they decided to try out the new truck in them.

Details of Encounter: The witnesses drove around the lease, but they discovered the beaver ponds were dried up due to the drought Alabama had been in since the spring. They were on their way out of the lease and had passed under a power transmission line and onto private land when they decided to take a break before returning to the public road. The driver stopped the truck, and all three witnesses exited the truck, with two going to the front of the truck and one going to the back of the truck. The witness who went to the back of the truck said that as he reached the back of the truck, he heard limbs breaking and heard something about 30 or 40 feet behind the truck, walking in leaves toward the road to his left. He first thought that he was hearing a deer, then noticed that the sounds did not sound like the movements of a deer. About that time, a figure stepped onto the road. The witness saw that it was on two legs and was about 6 feet to 7 feet tall. The witness spoke to the figure. The figure looked in the witness’s direction, then proceeded to walk across the road. The other witnesses asked the witness at the rear of the truck to whom he was talking. He told them that someone or something had just walked across the road behind the truck. The other witnesses had started toward the back of the truck when a long howling-type sound came from the area of the woods into which the figure had walked. The witnesses all decided it was time to leave.

Photos or Drawings: None.

Description of the Animal: Only one witness saw the figure. The witness estimated the figure to be between 6 feet and 7 feet tall, with wide shoulders. The figure was uniform in color and was walking on two legs. *
Description of Related Sounds:*  The witnesses  heard limbs cracking and breaking and heard something walking in leaves. All three witnesses heard a long howl that started out sounding “like a man hollering” and finished with a sound like “a woman screaming.”

Description of Related Scents/Odors: All three witnesses remember a strong “rotten” smell similar to the odor of sewage.

Additional Notes: On December 2, 2007, researcher MG received a call from the father of one of the witnesses. The father had once been a member of the hunting club on whose land the young had been driving. The father reported what his son had witnessed on the private land next to the hunting club and asked MG to speak to his son about the encounter. On December 8, 2007, MG interviewed the man’s son, who was the primary witness of the encounter, by telephone. The witness related his encounter to MG, and MG asked the witness if he would accompany MG to the area of the sighting. The witness said he would never return to the property on which the encounter occurred. MG asked the young man if the other two witnesses would be willing to speak with him, and the young man said they would. On December 9, 2007, MG spoke separately to each of the other two witnesses by phone. Both witnesses related that they had not seen anything, but they both heard the limbs cracking and something walking in leaves, and they both heard the long howl and smelled an odor which one described as a rotten garbage/sewer scent. Neither of the other two witnesses had anything to add to the report.

Historical Notes: There is a long history of RFP sightings in the general area of the encounter. At present there is ongoing RFP research in this area.

Report received and recorded by: MG, Field Researcher/Investigator, The RFP Project. Report tanscribed by SS, The RFP Project.