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Report 1/1/2008

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) Report of Encounter

Date Report Submitted to RFPRP: 1/1/2008

Date of Encounter: 12/21/2007

Time of Incident: 11:30 pm

Weather Conditions: Clear with a little moon light. (There was some illumination from a nearby residential security light.)

State: Alabama

County: Cullman

Nearest City or Town: Logan

Location: On a county road with a hay field and 4 acre pond on the east side, and a heavily wooded area on the west side. (Exact location withheld at the request of the witness.)

Nearest Road: C.R. #831.

General Land Use: Pasture land with hay fields and rural housing. The area is within a farming community producing hay, cattle, and chickens.

General Terrain Description: Rolling hills with heavily wooded areas throughout. There are some deep ravines in the more remote locations, with small creeks flowing through them.

Nearest Lakes and Streams: A local farmer’s 4 acre pond which is nearby and streams in the general area which will remain unidentified.

Witness Profile: A twenty three year old married woman who is the mother of one child and expecting her second one.

Activities of Witness Prior to the Encounter: The young lady was alone and driving on her way home from work. She works a 3 pm to 11 pm shift not far from her home. She lives about 1/2 miles from the sighting location.

Description of the Encounter/Incident: The young lady was driving north on her way home and as she passed the 4 acre pond she was startled by a creature that came from the pond area. She said that it appeared to her that the creature tried to jump the beams of her car’s headlights because as it reached the road’s right shoulder it leaped  in the air and came down almost on the other side of her car. As it came down she could see its legs and one foot. She described the toes as being very large and spread apart as it was getting ready to land. The foot and leg were covered in hair. It was covered with what she described as “a German Sheppard’s coat”; a mixture of browns and reds with some darker black hairs in it. These were the only colors she was able to make out. She estimated the hair to be 4-5 inches in length because of  the way it flowed in the air as the animal leaped and ran. As the creature landed she had to turn a hard right to miss it. She said it was within 3 feet of the left headlight. As she swerved and began stopping the car, she looked out her driver’s side window and watched it run to the edge of the woods. The car came to a stop with the right front tire in the loose gravel just outside the hayfield. As she backed out, she looked again to see if the animal was still there and she saw it standing just on the woods line watching her. She did not see any eyes reflecting in the faint light from the house. However, she was able to make out a large dark silhouette that stood about 8-9 feet tall. She also told this investigator that when she passed the creature in her car she could see that the tops of it hips were right at the top of her side window. The young lady said she was so scared by the encounter that she “floored her car and made for home”.

Description of Creature: The witness stated that the creature was 8-9 feet tall and mostly dark in appearance. However in the car’s lights  she saw that it had reddish brown and darker hair. At all times the creature was on two feet and never did it go on four as would a bear or other large animal. She stated that it ran extremely fast, like no human she had ever seen running.

Photos and Drawing: None

Description of Relative Sounds: The witness was listening to her radio as this event took place but she did say that when she arrived at her home she heard some sounds from the woods behind her house. (These woods are connected to the sighting location and are within 3/10 mile of it.) The young lady said that it sounded like “some Indians in the woods whooping and knocking on a tree or something”. She didn’t think much about the sounds until the investigator told her the sounds could have been made by the animals she saw.

Description of Relative scents: None

Other Details: Upon arriving home she told her story to those in her household. She said no one really believed her account of the event.

Historical notes and investigators comments: Residents of Cullman County have reported sightings of the these animals for at least 50 years. One of the older reports involved multiple witnesses and multiple animals. According to the witnesses in that case, the report of the animals’ presence was reported to both the Sheriff (whose Deputies reportedly “investigated” the case), and to the local newspaper which reportedly published an article about it. Those sighting occurred only a few miles from the sighting in this report.
There have also been multiple witnesses who saw a small group of these animals in the same general area about one year ago. Other recent reports of sighting have been recorded, and other sighting reports are still under investigation.
There are many reasons to believe that area residents will encounter these animals more frequently in the next few years. The primary reason being the massive development along Smith Lake and its tributaries.

Note: If any resident of Cullman County has any information about these animals and is willing to share it in complete confidentially, please contact the web master who will pass that information to the area researchers/investigators.


Ophelan – RFP Research Project

Contact: [email protected] if you have any information.