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November 21, 2007 Report

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) Report of Encounter

Date Report Submitted to the RFPRP: About 6:30pm November 21, 2007.

Date of Encounter: November 20, 2007.
Time of Incident: 7:20pm.
Weather Conditions: Partly cloudy and cool.

State: Alabama.

County: Morgan.
Nearest City or Town: Hulaco Community.
Location: The sighting area is pastureland.
Nearest highway or road: Hog Jaw Road.
General Land Use Description: Cattle and horse farms/pastures and residential.
General Terrain Description: Rolling hills which are in places cut by deep ravines and hollows which expose bluffs of limestone and sandstone. There are numerous caves and sheltered overhangs in the bluffs and outcrops on the slopes bordering the hollows and ravines. The sighting location is less than one mile from the downstream opening of one of the numerous rugged and undeveloped hollows in Morgan County.
Nearest Lakes or Streams: Cotaco, a spring-fed creek is nearby. There are numerous springs in the area.
Witness Profile: A boy who will be 11 years old in January.
Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: The boy was riding in a car driven by his mother. They were on their way to the mother’s home from Arab in Marshall County. They were on Hog Jaw Road and about a mile from the mother’s home. (The boy lives in the Huntsville area with his father, and had been visiting his mother during the Thanksgiving holidays.)
Details of Encounter / Incident: The car was traveling west on Hog Jaw Road in an area bounded on both sides by fenced property which is part of a very large dairy farm. The car was traveling slowly because it had just negotiated a 90 degree turn to the right. As the  vehicle neared a point where there were two large gates, one on each side of the road, the boy saw in the car’s headlights a large hair-covered creature walking in a cow pasture on the right side of the car. The creature was walking slowly in the same direction as the car was traveling, and was about twenty yards from the road. At the point the boy first saw the creature his vision was only obstructed by the pipe framed gate that opens into the pasture. As the car passed the gates, the boys view of the creature was at times partially obstructed by scattered small trees and brush growing in the fence row alongside the road.
The boy stared intently at the creature until the lights from the car passed it. At that time the boy shouted, “What was that?” His mother responded that she had not seen anything, but that she would stop and back up to get a look at what the boy had seen. He quickly said, No, no, don’t do that, let’s go!” She could see that the boy was alarmed so she told him he had probably seen one of the horses that were sometimes kept in the pasture. As she stopped and began backing up, the boy quickly locked the car door on his side and slid out of the seat onto the floor board. As the car reached the spot, the boy lifted his head and saw the animal’s back as it had turned away from the road and disappeared over a small ridge in the pasture that dropped into a small, wooded branch bottom. As soon as the boy saw the animal the second time he told his mother, “There it is!” His mother was watching the road over her shoulder and was unable to see the animal before it went out of sight over the small ridge. At the time the creature dropped out of sight over the ridge, it was about 50 yards from the road. The boy readily admitted that the appearance of the creature scared him badly.
Description of Animal: The witness stated the animal was about seven feet tall, covered in dark brown or black hair that was about 6″ long, and that at all times it was walking slowly on two feet like a human. He stated its body was bending over slightly and its arms were swinging slowly as it walked. He said the animals was noticeably “skinny” and that its long hair”bounced” at each step it made.
At the time the car was at the closest point, the animal turned its upper body and head toward the car and stared directly at it. At that point the boy stated its eyes reflected a “greenish” color. While the animal’s face was turned toward him, the boy stated he could clearly see that the skin on the face was “brownish tan”, and of a lighter color than its hair. He also stated the skin had the appearance of leather and that the skin was heavily wrinkled. He said that the overall appearance of the face and lips was similar to that of a gorilla.
Photos or Drawings Made? No. (Hopefully the witness will try to make a drawing of the creature sometime in the future.)
Description of Related Sounds: No sounds heard.
Description of Related Scents / Odors: None detected.
Other Details: Although the boy himself had no idea that such animals existed in Alabama, his mother had heard some reports of similar animals in Morgan County. After the boy had described what he had seen, she told him she guessed he had seen a Bigfoot. When they arrived at the mother’s home they searched the Internet and found the Alabama Bigfoot web site. They immediately sent a message to the web master about the encounter, and that message was forwarded to the writer as he was scheduled to conduct interviews and investigations in the same area within the next few days. The boy’s mother telephoned the writer the next evening, and with her permission, her son was interviewed at that time.
The writer arrived in Morgan County on November 24 and immediately contacted the boy’s mother. Her son had already returned to his father’s home in the Huntsville area. The boy’s mother and her husband accompanied the writer to the sighting location and she pointed out the route the creature had taken when it was seen by her son.
The next day the writer and two Alabama Wildlife Law Enforcement Officers returned to the site to look for evidence of the animal’s passage. It was noted that the top strand of the pasture’s barb wire fence alongside the road had been pushed down between one gate post and the next fence post. In the fence row between the two posts, it was seen that the tops had been broken off of a small black cherry tree and a small wild plum tree. The limbs from broken tops of the trees were on the ground or hanging in the fence. It was apparent the tops of the trees had been removed to afford unobstructed access over the fence. Examination of the broken limbs showed that they had been broken off several month earlier.
It was clearly seen that something had been crossing the fence beside the gate for some time as there were large, smooth surfaced tracks in the dirt and grass both inside and outside the fence.  There was no evidence the tracks had been made by someone wearing shoes. Away from the fence inside the pasture no tracks were seen except those made by the dairy cattle that are routinely kept there.
Directly across the county road from the area just described there is another large gate to a field that is reportedly used for growing corn for silage. The gate to that field was open at the time. Across the field from the road there is a large area of hills and undeveloped forest land.  There is a farm machinery road from the gate through the field and into the woods line. While walking the road through the field the writer was able to see three imprints of bare, human-like tracks in grassless spots along the road. Because the road surface was packed, very little indentation was made when the tracks were laid down. The ground was damp, and the faint tracks appeared to be very fresh. Only two of the track were contiguous and they were about three feet apart. The tracks were neither measured nor photographed, although they were seen to be not much bigger than an average size man’s foot. (At the time it was raining lightly, but much heavier rains crossed the area later that day.)
Historical Notes & Investigator’s Comment: This general area of Morgan County has generated numerous reports of enigmatic primates. This particular report indicates the animal seen was one of the “Lesser” primates that are so often seen in Alabama. While in Morgan county during this investigation, the writer received two reports of the sightings of the “Greater” primates that are commonly called Bigfoot or Sasquatch. The sightings of all occurred within a radius of about two miles. Reports of those sightings will be posted here as soon as possible.
Tal H. Branco, The RFP Research Project