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Report of Encounter or Related Incident

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) – Report of Encounter or Related Incident


Date Report Submitted to the RFPRP:January 26, 2005

(Report was received by telephone by Tal H. Branco as a result of leads obtained during investigations of other area reports.)

Date of Encounter: Winter, exact date not known. Believed to have occurred in 1988.

Time of Incident: Night, sometime before midnight.

Weather Conditions: Clear, cold.

State: Alabama

County: Clarke

Nearest City or Town: Jackson

Map Location: (gps or township/section coordinates if known): Known but not disclosed.

Nearest highway or road: Not disclosed.

General Land Use Description: Old farm, fields occasionally mowed. Some small areas planted with winter grasses for deer.

Hunted by family members and friends.

General Terrain Description: Part of the property is steep, thickly forested hills with outcrops of seabed limestone. The base of the hills abruptly terminate alongside a swampy, ox-bow lake formed by the Tombigbee River which passes near and alongside the south side of the property, and alongside a clear creek which crosses the property along the base of the western slope.

Nearest Lakes or Streams: Tombigbee River and XXXXX Creek.

Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: The witness -who was about seventeen years old at the time – had driven to a small hunting cabin which was located at the base of a hill near the ox-bow lake.

Details of Encounter / Incident: The young man was accompanied by his large bulldog that was trained to catch wild hogs which are abundant in the area. He arrived at the cabin shortly after darkness fell. He and the dog went inside, and he built a fire in the stove and opened the windows to air out the cabin. He was to be joined by one of his cousins shortly. After the fire was started he sat down to read an outdoor magazine. While reading he noticed that the dog stood up and began to watch one of the open windows intently. As he watched the dog, the hair on its neck stood up and the dog began woofing softly. It then started moving its head as if following the movement of something outside that was going toward the front of the cabin.

In a few seconds the witness heard something (or someone) step directly onto the floor of the porch which was about three feet off the ground. The unknown visitor could be heard walking across the porch and stopped in front of the door. The door had both an entry lock-set and a deadbolt. At the time only the dead bolt was engaged. As the witness watched the door closely, the visitor turned the door knob.

The witness had briefly thought that his cousin might have walked to the cabin to “mess with him”, but immediately after the door knob turned the witness saw the lights of his cousin’s vehicle coming down the road off the hills.

The visitor turned and jumped off the porch, and could be heard running on two feet into the woods toward the swampy area.

When the cousin arrived the witness discussed with him what had happened and asked him who or what he thought the visitor might have been. The cousin had no idea. Later that night they heard sounds coming from the swampy area that they could not identify, but they concluded it must have been a wild hog. When the sound continued they turned the bull dog loose to see what would happen. The dog ran into the woods, but in less that a minute it came back to the cabin and ran inside. The witness stated that the dog at that time stunk so badly that he was put back outside. The witness stated that from that night forward, the dog would not hunt on that property.

The witness stated that as recently as June of 2005 he has been on the property and has smelled the same overpowering odors as emanated from the bulldog during the incident described above. He was mowing the opening fields at that time, and stated he had the uncomfortable feeling of being watched all the while he was working in the small field between the old cabin site (it is no longer there) and the swampy lake.

Description of Animal(s) if Seen: No visual contact.

Photos or Drawings Made?: None.

Description of Related Sounds: Growling/grunting

Description of Related Scents / Odors: The witness described the dog’s scent as a combination of a wet animal, rotting meat and a strong “sulfur” odor. (The dog had not been in water while gone.)

Was Physical Evidence Obtained? No.

Other Area Reports: The witness stated that one night in the spring about two years prior to the incident described above, two of his relatives drove past the cabin and down a farm road to the clear creek to fish. When they stopped their vehicle (thought to be a van) and killed the engine, something (or someone) burst from the dense wood and ran around the vehicle beating the top with their/its fists. The top of the vehicle was reportedly dented noticeably by the force of the blows. (The two young men thought it was the witness who filed the above report who had been responsible for the damage, but the witness stated he had no part in the incident.)

In June of 2005 the owner of this property was contacted by members of the RFP Research Project who are area residents, and the owner graciously agreed to allow the RFPRP access to the property. The owner in fact later accompanied this writer and the area members and gave us a guided tour of the property. The area was found to be ideal habitat for any wild animal, and it was apparent that the slope of the thickly wooded hill above the clear running creek was the optimum bedding location for any animal needing concealment and fresh water. About mid-afternoon the seven people who comprised the group heard a loud angry snarling growl coming from the side of the hill near the creek when a team member experimentally uttered a screaming yell.

The owner of this property knows there are large animals on this property that he cannot identify. He has heard them close-up, and he no longer goes onto the property alone at night. He is uncomfortable on the property alone during the day.

There have been other reports from this vicinity from witnesses who have seen bipedal primates.

In one case two men saw two of the animals walking side-by-side across an old abandoned railroad bed at a point about one mile from this farm. As recently as June of 2005, a husband and wife heard what was described as a group of these animals fighting or squabbling – likely over food – about 4:30am in an area less that a mile from this property.


Follow-up Investigation Report(s) by The RFPRP

Further field research is scheduled for this particular site.