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Report of Encounter

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) – Report of Encounter



DATE OF ENCOUNTER: A day during the week of July 24, 2006.
TIME OF INCIDENT: An hour or so after full daylight.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Unusually cool morning for the time of year. A heavy fog at daybreak burned off an hour or so later. The witness stated he believed a light rain may have fallen later in the day.
STATE: Alabama.
COUNTY: Clarke.
LOCATION: The location is withheld at the request of witness and area residents.
NEAREST HIGHWAY OR ROAD: The sighting occurred alongside a county road near Highway 19.
GENERAL LAND USE DESCRIPTION: Primarily timber production. At the time of the sighting an unusual amount of timber was being salvaged from the area as a result of damages to standing timber by recent hurricanes.
GENERAL TERRAIN DESCRIPTION: Sandy ridges with some karst outcrops in the creek bottoms and ravines.
NEAREST LAKES OR STREAMS: There are several creeks and ponds in the area. Both the Tombigbee and the Alabama Rivers are within a few miles of the sighting locations. The rivers are bordered in most locations by large, dense and heavily forested bottom lands, oxbow lakes and swamps.
WITNESS PROFILE: A young, mature male that has lived in the area since birth, He is an avid and experienced hunter and familiar with the area’s typical wildlife.
ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS PRIOR TO ENCOUNTER / INCIDENT: The primary witness and a friend of about the same age had planned to hunt wild hogs with a pack of “hog” dogs that morning. They had left their homes later than originally planned because there was a heavy fog in the area at daybreak. The men waited until the fog cleared, and then started toward the selected hunting area in the primary witness’s pickup truck. The truck was pulling a trailer loaded with two “four-wheelers” (ATVs). The witness was driving on a very sandy county road with young-growth pine plantations containing some patches of open grasslands on both sides. There are only a few residences in the area, and they had passed the nearest house which was about 400 yards behind them.
DETAILS OF ENCOUNTER / INCIDENT: As the truck was leaving a curve and entering a straight section of road, the men saw a flock of about 10 wild turkey fly up from the right side of the road and cross it, gliding into the young timber on the opposite side. The turkeys were nearly fifty yards from the truck when they took flight, and the men were a little surprised that the turkeys had not just run across the road. Both men instinctually thought the flock was being chased by a predator. The passenger immediately looked to his right and shouted “Stop”. The driver locked the brakes, causing the trailer to partially “jack-knife” as they came to a stop.
Both men looked across a small grassy glade, and saw a large, hairy man-like creature squatting in the grass on the back side of the glade about 40 yards away. The creature was only a few yards from a dense section of the pine plantation. When they first saw the animal it was facing them at an angle, and it was looking at the area they had just driven through. The animal ignored their presence. After a few seconds,  the creature slowly stood up,  and gracefully turning its body as it did so. When fully erect, the animal “casually” walked 4 or 5 steps and entered the pine thicket immediately behind where it had been squatting. The animal never seemed to have paid the vehicle or its occupants any attention.
DESCRIPTION OF ANIMAL: The primary witness stated the animal was human-like in form. It was seven to eight feet in height. Its head appeared to be wide in proportion to its large size. It appeared to have no neck. Its upper torso was large, but did not appear to be excessively large for its height. Its upper body was tapered to the waist. No genitalia or other evidence were seen to determine or indicate the sex of the creature.
The witness particularly noted that the animal’s arms were longer in proportion to the body height than a human’s. He stated that in proportion to its height, the length of animal’s  arms were more like those of  an orangutan’s than a human’s. He also stated the animal’s thighs were “massive”.
The witness sated the animal was covered in long, reddish brown hair, except for it face. The face was bare, and according to the witness, “the facial skin was tan, like the color of a Caucasian human who worked outside year round”.
The witness also reported that the creature’s nose was not human-like, but he could not adequately describe the difference. He said that the best he could do was to say that the nose seemed to show “loose skin”, whereas a human’s didn’t.”
OTHER RELATED DETAILS: After the sighting the two men continued down the road for about ½ mile to the spot they had originally planned to start their wild hog hunt. They unloaded the “four-wheelers’ off the trailer and released the six or seven hog-hunting dogs from their cage in the pickup. The man stated that when they were released, the dogs refused to leave the two vehicles, and all of them went underneath the trailer and could not be made to go into the woods. The witness stated he and others had hunted hogs with the dogs numerous times, and until that day had never seen the dogs show fear of anything. He stated all the dogs were obviously very afraid of leaving the safety of the vehicles that particular day, although the men neither saw, heard or smelled anything unusual at the location the dogs were released.
HISTORICAL NOTES: This sighting occurred approximately one week after, and less than a mile from the encounter location described in the report listed on the Alabama Bigfoot home page under “Local Reports” and labeled “August 6, 2006 – Clarke County.”
INVESTIGATOR’S NOTES AND COMMENTS: During the summer of 2006, other residents of the general area reportedly saw the same animal (or one very similar in size, shape and coloration) within a mile or so of the two reported sighting locations. Some have been hesitant to discuss their encounters outside their family and close friends, although details of some of those encounters may be obtained from the witnesses in the next few weeks.
Although the primary witness who provided the information for the above report has told several friends and relatives about the encounter, the secondary witness reportedly will not discuss the incident with others.

Report received and recorded by: Tal H. Branco, Field Researcher/Investigator, The RFP Research Project