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Report of Encounter

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) – Report of Encounter
Date Report Submitted to the RFPRP: The initial report of this latest series of events was received about 8:00pm, Tuesday, January 23, 2007.  The investigator has been in telephone contact with the witnesses during their own investigations of the situation there.
Date of Initial Encounter: January 22, 2007
Time of Incident: Between 8 & 9pm.
Weather Conditions: Cloudy at the time. It had rained earlier in the day, and a hard rain commenced later that night.
State: Alabama
County: Not disclosed at the request of the witnesses, their  families and area residents.
Nearest City or Town: Not disclosed.
Location: These and other related encounters occurred in the Northwest quarter of the State.
Nearest highway or road: Not disclosed.
General Land Use Description: Rural farmland which contains poultry and cattle production operations intermingled with some land devoted to timber production.
General Terrain Description: Rolling hills with bluffs along the creeks.
Nearest Lakes or Streams: A large spring fed creek adjoins some of the family property, and the creek empties into a large man-made lake a few miles from the site.
Witness Profile: The primary witness is a 17 year old male area resident who is a senior in high school. He is a friend and classmate of a male member of  family on who’s property this and many other such encounters/incidents have occurred and been reported for nearly fifty years.
Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: The witness was visiting with his male friend of the same age who lives with his family on a farm that was once used as an egg-production poultry operation. After the poultry operation ceased, the boys converted the operation’s “egg room” into their personal “hang out”.  The boys were listening to CDs and studying in that room when the boy who lived on the property decided to walk back to his room in the residence to get another music CD. While that boy was inside his home the other boy walked outside the egg room to relieve himself.
Details of Encounter / Incident: When the boy walked outside and a few steps from the door he began to relieve himself. He suddenly heard the loud, repetitive sound of metal being beaten against metal coming from a metal-sided building about 20 yards away. That small building had been used as a woods shavings storage area when chickens were raised on the property. (The wood shavings were used to cover the chicken house floor to keep down dust and to make the floors easier to clean in preparation for a new batch of chickens.) The boy was startled by the sound and looked intently in the direction of the building. Although it was nighttime, he was able to see a very large and dark man-like shape that appeared to be standing motionless behind the shavings shed. The young man then became terrified when he realized the figure was too large to be a human, and that the creature was staring at him. Before the boy could react, he saw the creature turn quickly and began to run across an unfenced pasture toward the county road that runs north and south in front of the property.
The boy then quickly darted back inside the egg room, closed the door and waited for his friend to return. After the other boy arrived, the witness told him about the incident. The two boys went  to the residence, got firearms and lights and went back to the “shavings” building to investigate the incident. The shavings building was entirely open on the front side so that a truck could be backed into it to unload shavings.  On one of the back corners – where the animal had been standing when the boy first saw it – they found the metal that had been crushed. The damage started about 5 feet from the ground and extended for about 2 feet up the corner toward the roof. The boys looked closely for hair adhering to the damaged metal but saw none.
They were able to see partial tracks in the wet, grass covered ground and followed them to the opposite side of the county road. Both boys stated the tracks were spaced widely apart as if the creature had been running. They stated that only heel and the ball and toe sections left impressions in the ground. In the ditch across the road they found a 6″ X 8″  metal “nest bottom” which the animal apparently carried and dropped there from the shavings building. The animal’s tracks were seen in the grass and weeds along the fence on the opposite side of the road, and they could see where the animal stepped over the fence. They stated the animal has left a “path of destruction” when it plowed through the thick underbrush that bordered the road.
Description of Animal: The young witness stated he could only see an outline and shape of the animal, and the shape was a uniform dark color and 7 to 8 feet tall.
Additional Notes and Observations: While the boys were alongside the fence where the animal crossed the road and went into the woods, the mother of the boy who lived there drove home and saw them and their lights. The mother confirmed the boys were in a very excited state as they related the details of the incident to her.
The next morning, after a hard rain, the boys went back to cast what tracks they had seen, but the rain had altered them considerably and no casts were made. During that time they found tracks that showed the animal had walked  to the shaving shed from the direction of a large uninhabited area that includes a spring fed creek and heavily forested bottomland east of the family property.
Late in the afternoon on Friday the 26th, the two boys and some school mates, and the father of one of the school mates, searched the area through which the animal passed on his way to the shavings shed on the previous Monday night. They found the trail crossed a fence and entered a partially cleared cattle pasture. The land just inside the pasture had areas of thick brush and timber. The group separated slightly looking for sign. Two of them spotted a large footprint and alerted the others. In looking and circling the area, they discovered a “wallowed out” depression in the brush and grass below some large trees. The depression was reportedly as large as a grown cow, but in an area not typically used by cows as a bedding area. The depression appeared to be strategically located to provide concealment on three side and afford a view of the old chicken barn, shavings house, the egg room and the family residence.
While looking closely for tracks, they found a recent trail made through the underbrush and started following it. After walking a few yards the group suddenly heard something moving ahead of them. They stopped and then heard two deep, ominous growling sounds which were soon followed by a sharp whistling sound. As the group then started to slowly make their way toward the sounds, they all saw a very large body quickly move from concealment in a thicket and dart out of view through the brush.
The group followed the trail left by the animal in the brush, and it led them in a very wide circle but stayed in the same general area rather than leading to the large, dense creek bottom a few hundred yards further east. While following the trail, the group found another of the 6″ X 8″metal “nest bottoms” on the ground. The metal had been bent into a “V” shape, but showed no signs of having been used as a tool for any purpose.
As it was nearly dark, the search was called off. One of the witnesses called the writer that evening to report the day’s events.
Photos or Drawings Made?: None.
Description of Related Sounds: There were no vocalizations heard during the encounter on the night of the 22rd.
Deep growling and a sharp, loud whistling sound was heard by the group searching for sign on the afternoon of the 26th. (These same sounds have often been heard by members of the family who live on this and the adjoining property.)
Description of Related Scents / Odors: None noticed.
Historical Notes: See the Multiple Encounters Report (The“Black Thing”) of November 2006.
Report received and recorded by: Tal H. Branco, Field Researcher/Investigator, The RFP Research Project.