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Report of Encounter or Related Incident

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) – Report of Encounter or Related Incident



Date Report Submitted to the RFPRP: 01/25/05


Date of Encounter: In the late 1980s, month/day not known


Time of Incident: About 6:30am


Weather Conditions: Witness not sure of weather, remembers that it was not raining.


State: Alabama


County: Clarke


Nearest City or Town: Jackson


Map Location: (gps or township/section coordinates if known): Not recorded


Nearest highway or road: Walker Springs Road at Rabbit Creek Road


General Land Use Description: Pine plantations adjoining marshy bottoms along a creek.

General Terrain Description: Small, rolling hills of ancient beach sand overlaying seabed limestone.


Nearest Lakes or Streams: Rabbit Creek and associated marshes.


Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: Female witness was a passenger in a car driven by a female cousin. The women were going to work at an apparel factory that was at that time located in Jackson.


Details of Encounter / Incident: The two women were traveling toward Jackson on the Walker Springs Road. As they approached the bridge over Rabbit Creek a large, hair-covered animal walking on two feet stepped onto the road in front of the car. The driver had to quickly apply the brakes to prevent hitting the animal. It was walking at a slow and deliberate pace and did not change its pace even as the car closely approached it. The animal was watching the car as it walked by turning its upper torso toward the witnesses. The animal continued across the road and disappeared into the densely forested creek bottoms.


Description of Animal(s) if Seen: The animal was described as being eight feet or more in height. Its body was said to be slim, and it was covered with dirty gray hair, except for portions of its face and the palms of its hands. The skin on the palms of its hands, and on the bare portions of it face was dark gray. It walked with a fluid “sliding” (gliding) motion, and it feet and the calves of its legs were covered in mud. The witnesses were struck by the length of the arms as compared to a human’s arms. The arms were long and swung in long arcs with each step. The witness particularly noted that the animal’s hands and fingers seemed to be exceptionally long in proportion to its height. The head was somewhat egg shaped, and sat close to the shoulders. Its facial expression was somber as it gazed directly at the witness. It appeared indifferent to the close proximity of the car and the witnesses. Its eyes were dark with no visible pupil, and the eyes recessed under a noticeable brow ridge.


Photos or Drawings Made?: No


Description of Related Sounds: No sounds were heard


Description of Related Scents / Odors: None


Was Physical Evidence Obtained? No



Field Investigator’s Comments: The writer only spoke to the witness who was the passenger in the car. The witness stated that the driver (her cousin) was very upset by the encounter because the animal’s appearance badly frightened her. The incident reportedly caused her great anxiety and she did not want to accept the possibility that such animals might exist, especially in such close proximity to her residence. Although other family members had reportedly seen and heard these animals, she simply did not wish to discuss the possibility of their existence, even after nearly striking one of them with her vehicle. The reticent witness did send word to this investigator that at some later date she might want to discuss this incident. Additional Note: The husband of the witness that was driving the car reportedly saw a large gray colored bipedal animal watching him from behind a tree while the man was fishing in one of the creeks in that part of Clarke County some time ago. The animal is said to have watched him for several minutes from the partially concealment, and finally walked away from him, keeping trees between it and the fisherman in an apparent attempt to keep the man from seeing the animal as it departed. The man told relatives that the animal had long flowing curly hair that waved in the breeze as it walked away. The investigator has been unable to contact the man for an interview, but continues to try to do so. ******************************************************************************


Follow-up Investigation Report(s) by The RFPRP   The area in which this sighting occurred is a part of the RFPRP’s Clarke County Studies Area where very active research and investigations have been underway for about four years. Reports of those activities will be posted as time permits.