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Report of 2 Encounters

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) – Report of 2 Encounters

Date Report Submitted to the RFPRP: October 29, 2006

Date of Encounters:(1st: During the wintertime, late 60s or early 70s.) (2nd: Winter of 2004.)

Time of Incident: Nighttime in both cases.

Weather Conditions: Not known for sure, although witness states it was not raining either time.

State: Alabama

County: Winston

Nearest City or Town: Addison

Location: Near Brushy Creek.

Nearest highway or road: U.S. Highway 278/AL 74

General Land Use Description: Primarily timber production.

General Terrain Description: Rolling hills with numerous streams that cut through the sandy surface soils and the underlying limestone and loosely compacted sandstone to form steep cliffs and ledges alongside the stream beds. The area reportedly contains some limestone caves.

Nearest Lakes or Streams: Brushy Creek, which now flows into Lewis Smith Lake.

Witness Profile: 70 year old retired male who grew up and hunting extensively in this area until a few years ago.

Activities of Witness Prior to the 1st Encounter: Witness was driving east on U.S. 278/AL 74 near the Brushy Creek bridge.

Details of 1st Encounter: While driving at night from the Addison area to Double Springs the witness saw a large, hair-covered, human-like creature walking in bipedal fashion alongside the highway. He was driving at a normal highway speed and saw the animal clearly for several seconds until he passed it. It apparently stayed on the side of the highway after he passed it, and disregarded the vehicle.

Description of Animal: The witness stated the animal was 6 feet or more in height, covered in brown hair, with a large head, no visible neck and with massive shoulders, arm and legs. He stated the arms looked unusually long, even for the height of the animal. He stated the arms were swinging in what appeared to be an exaggerated manner as the animal walked briskly beside the road.

Photos or Drawings Made?: None.

Description of Related Sounds: None heard.

Description of Related Scents / Odors: None detected.

Activities of Witness Prior to the 2nd Encounter: The witness was driving north on highway 63 from Arley toward Houston.

Details of 2nd Encounter: About 3:00am the witness was near the Brushy Creek bridge on highway 63. He was driving at a fast pace and noticed a hair-covered animal standing on two feet beside the road on the passenger side of the vehicle. He quickly passed within 5 or 6 feet of the creature, and was able to see it clearly. He saw no eye shine as he approached the animal.

He then drove about one-quarter mile, found a place to turn around, and drove back through the location. The animal was not in sight. He again turned around and drove slowly by the location but still did not see the animal again.

He and two other men returned to the area the next day to look for the animal or its tracks but found nothing.

Description of Animal: The animal was about 5 feet talk, and covered in long dark hair that looked somewhat shiny and clean. The head appeared to be “sort of round”, with no visible neck. The animal was standing very erect at the time. The animal’s arms appeared to be longer than those of a human of the same height.

Other Details That May be Related: The witness stated that while he was growing up in the area he and other family members frequently heard what sounded like a large woman screaming in pain or fear at night. They believed the sounds originated from panthers.

He also stated that he and friends had been squirrel hunting along Brushy Creek 30 or 40 years ago when they were “run out of the woods” by something very large that was snorting loudly as it approached them and their dogs just before dark. They and the dogs smelled an “awful putrid” odor, and the dogs ran away. Although all were armed, none of the men were willing to stay and face whatever it was that was crashing and growling through the woods. toward them.

He stated he had smelled the same odors at other times while hunting along Brushy Creek.

Historical Notes: This area of northwest Alabama has generated an amazing number of reports of sightings of the reclusive forest primates during the past several years. Such reports are becoming much more frequent, and recently involve multiple witnesses. Those reports will also be posted as soon as possible.
Report received and recorded by:
Tal H. Branco, Field Researcher/Investigator, The RFP Research Project