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Report of Encounter

The RFP Research Project (RFPRP) – Report of Encounter


Date Report Submitted to the RFPRP: October 27, 2006

Date of Encounter: About 1969 in the summer.
Time of Incident: Midday
Weather Conditions: Clear, warm
State: Alabama
County: Winston
Nearest City or Town: Addison
Location: Near Brushy Creek
Nearest highway or road: U.S. 278/AL 74
General Land Use Description: Timber production
General Terrain Description: Rolling hills with numerous streams that cut through the sandy surface soils and the underlying limestone and loosely compacted sandstone to form steep cliffs and ledges alongside the stream beds. The area reportedly contains some limestone caves.
Nearest Lakes or Streams: Between the Sipsey River and Brushy Creek forks of what is now the large Lewis Smith Lake.
Witness Profile: Mature female who has lived in the area since birth. Her favorite outdoor pastime is fishing, and she is very familiar with the streams and wildlife in the area.
Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: Walking from home to meet her mother and siblings who were fishing off the bank of Brushy Creek.
Details of Encounter: The witness was 8 years old at the time. She had been visiting a neighbor and returned home. There was a note left for her there to come to the family’s favorite fishing hole on Brushy Creek to fish with the family. The place on the creek was within walking distance of the home, and there was a plainly visible trail from the house to the fishing spot. The witness knew the trail was not direct, but followed the best walking terrain. She knew a short-cut to the place and started walking through the woods toward the creek. Since it was summer time she was paying close attention to the ground so that she would not step on a snake, and seldom looked straight ahead.
As she reached the dense part of the woods away from the house, she saw something move in the brush just in front of her. She quickly looked up and was petrified to see a huge, hair-covered creature standing on two feet so close she could have touched it.
The sight of the creature so close to her caused her to drop to the ground and put her head between her knees. She immediately covered her head with her hands and began praying to God to protect her from the “monster” she thought would surely kill her. She stated she kept praying very loudly for a long time – she has no idea how long – so that she could not hear the animal if it came toward her. After a while she stopped praying, looked up, and the animal was gone.
She immediately turned around and ran home. After staying there for a few minutes she began running to the creek bank on the marked trail. She told her mother and siblings what she had seen and none of them believed her. That night, she told her father, and he did not believe her either.
Description of Animal: She said the animals was huge, and at least seven feet tall. Its hair was long and a “brownish” color. She said the animals was slouched and leaning toward her. Its arms and legs were massive, and its shoulders were enormously wide.
When asked, she said she could not tell if the animal was a male or female. She was unable to provide any further details about the animals features because, as she said, she wanted no more than the first look at the terrifying creature.
Photos or Drawings Made?: None.
Description of Related Sounds: She heard no sounds made by the animal.
Description of Related Scents / Odors: She does not remember smelling the scent of the animal.
Other Possibly Related Details: During the summer of 2004 the witness, her son and her sister were fishing one night on Brushy Creek just north of U.S. 278/AL 74. They had parked on a road above the creek and walked down the steep incline to the creek. They had taken a flashlight which they found to be inoperable after they had cast out their lines and darkness fell. She said there was a bright moon which was shining into the creek hollow and they decided to stay. (She said all their fishing rods had luminous tips so they could see them move if a fish struck their bait.)
After a while they began to hear a very deep growling sound that was slowly moving toward them from the slope between them and their vehicle. As the sounds grew much louder and closer, they became very concerned. In desperation her son began to pick up and throw large rocks toward the sounds. At that time the sounds appeared to be originating about 40 feet away, and had taken on loud, menacing tones. After the first few rocks were thrown, the growling ceased. Warily the three gathered up their equipment and carefully made their way back to the safety of their vehicle. She stated the volume and depths of the sounds ruled out the possibility they were made by a human or by any known animal native to the area.
Historical Notes: This area of northwest Alabama has generated an amazing number of  reports of sightings of the reclusive forest primates during the past several years. Such reports are becoming much more frequent, and very recently involve multiple witnesses. Those reports will also be posted as soon as possible.
Report received and recorded by:
Tal H. Branco, Field Researcher/Investigator, The RFP Research Project