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Clay County Report


This report covers a four-year accumulation of experiences around a home in Clay County, Alabama. The witnesses include the members of the family in the home, extended family members, neighbors, and this writer. The primary witness, whom I will call Jean, has had reservations about publishing her account out of fear that the site would be recognized and the animals there injured or disturbed. Only now, after becoming acquainted with the Alabama Bigfoot website and recognizing the integrity of the researchers, has she decided to share her long story.

Terrain and Surrounding Area

The area near the site is heavily wooded and fairly remote, with occasional single family dwellings and pastures. The Talladega National Forest is not far away. A fairly large stream curves about ½ mile behind the property. Thick, mixed deciduous woodlands predominate, offering cover for the abundance of wildlife found in the area. There are also isolated stands of planted pines near Jean’s home.

Witness Profiles

Jean and her family have grown up in the area and are well-respected members of their community. They are very familiar with the native plants and animals. They recognize animal calls and sign. Don, Jean’s husband, is a veteran hunter, as is their son, Tim.

After retiring from a teaching career, I became interested in Sasquatch. I have studied the animal for the last six years. I have worked alongside Jean and her family for the last three of those years.

Details of Sightings

Jean’s first sighting occurred on a clear day in the spring of 2003. She was on the phone outside her home at about 6AM. She noticed movement and glanced across the road to see a huge, shaggy, red-haired, bipedal animal disappearing into the woods at the edge of the road. She saw the animal from its side, including the shoulder, arm and leg. She estimated its height at 7 feet. The animal’s hair was auburn-colored, shiny, long and in good condition. Jean likens it to the color and texture of the orangutan’s hair. The long hair shook when it walked. The arm was unusually long, and the animal was well-muscled and massive.

Jean has had other brief sightings in the subsequent years. Once, at about 4AM as she left on a trip, she witnessed a huge dark figure cross the road in front of her in one long lunge. On another occasion, watching from a window in her house, she saw a shiny black animal, like the auburn one described above, run across the road in the dusk. Another time, just before dark, Jean and her granddaughter sat coloring at an open window. They heard something big hit the pavement outside. Both looked up to see a black form, with similar proportions and appearance to the ones described above, cross from the opposite side of the road and move toward the far corner of their house.

One very interesting sighting occurred as Jean stayed up late working on her computer. Her habit is to work in the dark, so she doesn’t disturb her husband’s sleep. She often had suspected that the animals were near the house in the night because she smelled the particularly pungent odor that she now associated with their presence. On this particular night, she was determined to see if one was, in fact, in front of the house watching her through the window. In the dark, she slowly crept around the edge of the room to the front light switch. She positioned herself close to the window, stepping out as she flipped on the light switch. She saw a large gray animal squatting on the ground, with its elbows on its knees, hands dangling between its legs. The eyes reflected an amber color. The animal instantly jumped out of the light. It was the same sort of animal she had seen before. She now had seen a total of three different individuals, as indicated by their various colors.

Jean’s son, Tim, had an interesting possible sighting in 1997. He kept the experience to himself, not knowing exactly how to explain what he had seen. After Jean revealed her first sighting, he shared his experience. One afternoon at dusk, as he walked down a dirt road near Jean’s house, he noticed a figure of a “man” walking in the pasture adjacent to the road. The figure was clothed in beige from top to bottom. He glanced away and then back, and the figure had disappeared in that instant.

In 2004, Jean’s nephew, whom I’ll call Tom, witnessed what he described as a large white animal at dusk on the side of a hill near Jean’s home. Tom was riding in the back of a jeep. Up the hill at a good distance from him, he noticed the gray animal up in a tree, “hugging” it. The animal launched off the tree, ran toward the ridge line on two legs, and disappeared, covering an amazing amount of distance in a very short period of time.

In 2005, another sighting occurred when two neighbors were camping in an area behind Jean’s house. They told her a large black bear had charged down the hill at them on his hind legs. We believe this “bear” was actually a Sasquatch.

Another neighbor complained that there were often two mountain lions on the ridge behind her house that screamed all the time. She stated to me that one was gray and the other one was black. Again, we suspect she has heard and glimpsed Sasquatch activity.

Additional Details and Comments


The first time we met, in the spring of 2004, Jean explained all the things she had heard and seen. Most of the activity occurred very late at night. The animals’ presence was marked by the dogs’ hysterical barking. She had been able to elicit response calls from them by calling out to them. She had also found a large amount of hair about six and one half feet up on a tree. It appeared the animal had scratched itself on the tree, leaving the hair. Unfortunately, the hair was removed from her house, and she has no idea what happened to it. After we talked, we walked all over the area.

During that first visit, Jean and I found many of the Sasquatch signs that witnesses usually report. In a densely wooded area directly behind Jean’s house, for example, several 3 or 4-inch-diameter trees had been broken at varying heights (Photos 1 and 2).

In several places, long branches formed X’s on the several wide trails in the area (Photo 3).

The trails themselves were wider than a man-made trail (Photo 4).

In addition, many small trees arched to the ground, making the bows that have been documented in other sighting areas (Photo 5).

These bows could have been made by ice or falling limbs or trees, and are therefore the least impressive of the signs. I include them because of their number.

Other unusual sign from that first visit includes the bower-like nest that we found in the same area. A huge thorny bush was hollow and easily able to accommodate two people (Photo 6).

The opening of this apparent hide-out faced Jean’s house which was about 100 yards away.

In the summer of 2004, I visited Jean’s place again. Jean, her nephew and I sat out at night, starting at about 11 PM, listening for the calls and sounds that she had heard before. We were on her deck, with the porch light on, and with spotlights and tape recorders ready. The back yard has one tall mercury vapor light in it, but beyond the cast of that light, there is complete blackness. There is no ambient light in the area. Over the past year, Jean had had success eliciting response calls from these interesting creatures by making “whoop” calls late at night. She made some of these loud calls into the night. We heard faint returned calls that were falling in pitch. They seemed to come from some distance. As Jean repeated the whoops, the answering calls became louder and louder. They seemed to come from three different areas of the surrounding land. Two sources of the calls, one decidedly farther west from the other, were across the road, probably within the National Forest. One call came from fairly nearby, behind Jean’s place. All the calls could be heard clearly. What then happened surpassed any of my expectations. At first, the animals called back and forth to each other at frequent intervals. These calls included the falling call and a “siren call” that started low, reached a high pitch and then fell again. These calls were repeated many times by the three individuals. We could also hear loud huff/grunts. In addition, we heard what I can only describe as monkey chatterings. At one point, we heard very high, repeating falling calls. The pitch was much higher than any we had heard. I realized that the calls were going to be repeated, and I began to count them. There were sixteen of these high calls, and then a loud huff/grunt punctuated them and there was quiet. (We speculated that an adult had hushed an offspring.) Soon after, the nephew asked if I could smell them. I sat still, and soon a strong, acrid smell wafted in. To me, it resembled plastic at the point of burning. Jean recognized the smell as the one she experienced often at night while at her computer. Jean commented that sometimes it made her eyes water. The smell has also been described by neighbors as rancid and musty.

As soon as the smell appeared, we heard something very strange. From across the road, perhaps fifty to sixty feet away, we heard what I describe as mumbly-grumbling. It was low in pitch and fast-paced. It sounded as if an individual was fussing with himself or talking to himself. It was not a menacing sound. It seemed anxious and reflective, if anything. At that point, the family dog, Sam, bounded off the porch and began to bark ferociously at the darkness at the end of the next door neighbor’s house. A growl emanated from the darkness. This was a growl of extraordinary depth of pitch, extremely low frequency, and with enormous power behind it. I could almost feel the air move. This animal had an enormous set of lungs. With each round of barking and answering growl, Sam moved backwards towards us a little more, ending up back on the deck. We did not feel particularly safe at that point, and nearly killed each other getting into the house. Unfortunately, my rudimentary recording equipment recorded only the tree frogs and crickets around us and our exclamations and comments.

In the fall of 2004, Jean noticed that overnight a large tree trunk had been placed parallel to the road in front of an area adjacent to her land (Photo 7).

It was about 16 feet long and at its largest, 19 inches in diameter (Photo 8).

She realized that the log had been dragged from an area across the road where several trees had been cut down. When she looked closer, she noticed a persimmon on top of the log. Occasionally, she had received several “gifts” of small rocks and bird feathers on her steps and she felt this was a “gift,” too.

On the same fall visit, we had perhaps the most exciting find. We discovered a footprint that was not just an impression, but a clearly defined footprint in coarse sand at the edge of the creek (Photo 9).

The print was 12 inches long, 6 inches wide at the ball of the foot, and 4 inches wide at the heel. The toes were plump and close together. The large toe was placed farther toward inside of the foot than in a human foot. It appeared the individual was walking out of the creek up onto the bank. I include a sketch to define the print more clearly (Photo 10).

On that same visit, I found scat that resembled human feces (Photo 11).

It was black, but not like tar. It was somewhat loose, and contained lots of black organic material that looked like plant material to me. It also contained small pieces of white material which resembled bits of grub. It had a pungent, musty odor, but not a stench. I tried to keep it in my freezer, but the smell penetrated many layers of plastic and the container I had it in. I finally had to throw it out.


In June 2005, Jean described a turkey kill she had come upon in the woods just the day before I arrived. Across the road, a large tree had fallen, making a sort of bench about 3 ½ feet off the ground. On the surface of this bench, Jean had found blood and the feathers of a young turkey imbedded in the bark. It appeared that something had slammed the turkey hard enough into the surface to cause this. Due to rain the night before, I did not see the blood, but I could still discern the imbedded feathers.

During an August 2005 visit, Jean and I sat outside late as we always did. Jean made a few calls. Soon afterwards, the dogs began barking wildly and yelping. We began to hear the sounds of sheets of aluminum roofing being slammed around in an angry or excited fashion in the wooded area behind the pen. The roofing was stored behind a shed beside the pen. In quiet moments between frenzies of racket, I heard what I can only describe as “bubblings.” These were vocal sounds, but unlike anything I had ever heard. These “bubblings” were somewhat similar to the mumbling heard in the summer of 2004. On many other occasions, it seemed the animals were behind the dog pen. The dogs cowered and barked frantically. Jean was able to see dark forms move occasionally just at the edge of the light behind her neighbor’s house. None of these events, however, illustrated the animals’ presence as the night just described.


In September, 2006, Jean and I were walking in the marshy area across the road, looking for sign. We came upon a dead, upright tree that had been infested with termites (Photo 12).

The insects had been scraped out of the tree. Strips of bark and rotten pieces of wood were on the ground at the base of the tree (Photo 13).

Four nail marks showed in several scrapes (Photo 14).

The nail grooves at their highest were three feet above the highest point I could reach, at about 9 ½ feet. Though some might say a bear had foraged there, records indicate there are no bears in the area. According to several internet sources, bears live in the Tensaw Delta area of the state and possibly a few other southern counties. It’s also possible that a few can be found in Shelby County, but bears are not found in Jean’s area.

Other Experiences

When Jean’s family had dogs in the pens in her back yard, they always barked hysterically when we thought the animals were nearby. The dogs had dug out a hole underneath their doghouse, and would cower there when frightened. One dog was killed by what a neighbor assumed was a bear. As I noted above, there are no bears in the area. Sam, their beagle, had large cuts on his rump and a slice across his neck which he managed to survive. Other dogs have come up missing in the area. Jean suspects that the Sasquatches are responsible for these events. Quite recently, Jean awoke to the sound of the two puppies in the pen crying loudly. This crying ended in a yelp. She was afraid the animals had killed the puppies. But the next morning, she found them alive and well. The six foot wire fence around the pen was pushed down, and Jean surmises that one of the animals must have picked the puppies up to inspect them.

Another interesting event involved Jean’s son-in-law and his Sunday School class. He had told his class what he had heard and witnessed at Jean’s, and they were eager to experience the same thing. The night they visited, they sat at the stream behind Jean’s home with lanterns and spotlights. They soon heard large animals running around their group. They also heard the grunts, growls and huffs that we had heard. They smelled the same sort of acrid smell that I described earlier. Jean and another member of the group actually saw a red animal climb a tree. The church class left hurriedly and assured the son-in-law that they believed him, but would not be back again!

Jean also has heard the animals on her roof. She has a skylight in her master bathroom. In the summer of 2004, suddenly the area in the corner next to the skylight began leaking. When Don got on the roof to investigate, he simply said it looked like something big had put its foot right through the roof.

One of the most unnerving events happened in the summer of 2004. At about 10 PM, Jean heard the back door open. She became concerned because it was too early for Don to return from his second shift job. She was afraid he was sick and had returned home early. She called out his name on the way to the back door. The locked door was wide open when she reached it, and no one was there. Puzzled, she examined the lock and found that the tongue of the lock had remained extended in its locked position, and had been pulled straight through the metal strike plate. The outer metal piece of the strike plate had been broken at one corner and pulled out at a ninety-degree angle to the plate. I witnessed the metal still protruding from the plate, and broke the ragged piece off.

Jean has had experience with something throwing small to medium-sized rocks at the house and in her general direction. These minor attacks have never seemed too threatening. None of the rocks have hit her. However, about a year ago, early one fall morning, Jean was alone in the back yard. Her husband was gone, as were her neighbors. She suddenly heard something whiz through the lower branches of the tree near her. Immediately afterwards another object whizzed through the air, hitting her upper arm. It was a weathered, soggy sweetgum ball. It had come from the wooded area behind the house. It had been thrown from at least fifty feet with such velocity that it raised a welt on her arm that was still there one hour later when her husband returned home. Jean lost her temper, angry that one of these animals had hit her with something. She walked back toward the wooded area, yelling at the creature she assumed was there, and in response she heard a large animal stomping the ground and seething loudly. She described the seething as loud, harsh breathing through clenched teeth. It appeared the animal was having a tantrum! She did retreat to her home then.

Both Jean and Don realize in retrospect that they had seen indications of something out of the ordinary much earlier than Jean’s first sighting. On an ATV trip in the area, for example, they once came across a huge footprint in some mud that astonished them, but they dismissed it, not having any explanation. They also once found an odd, neat pile of rabbit bones that had been picked completely clean.

Hunting Experiences

Don and his son Tim have had several experiences on their hunting trips. Once, on their hunt club property, they picked up their kill and drove to a nearby green field to look at it. As they studied the deer, they heard a loud, frightening scream from nearby. They wondered only briefly what it was, deciding they’d rather not know!

Another confrontation occurred while Don and Tim were field-cleaning a deer behind the house. Some sort of enormous animal charged them, and both ran for the house.

On another occasion, when Don was down out of his hunting stand, he heard a large animal walking behind him, then circling him, screaming.

After shooting a deer once, Tim asked his father and another man to help track it. They followed the blood trail into a nearby stand of dense pines at the hunt club property. They quickly found a pool of blood that appeared to mark where the deer had bled out. But they couldn’t find the deer and wondered how it could have gotten up. They found some drops of blood and followed that trail deeper into the pine thicket. Suddenly they all heard a big animal breaking limbs nearby and jarring the ground as it moved deeper into the pines. At that point, they all left quickly.

Don reports that there are many stories among the hunt club members of encounters with some sort of large, unseen animals on their hunting trips.


Jean has developed a love-hate relationship with these Sasquatches. She once hiked freely in the forest, enjoying the beauty of the Alabama woods. She now feels too intimidated to walk out as she once did. For a while, she even carried some sort of weapon with her to collect the mail. She had been told by a gentleman who claimed to be an authority on Sasquatch, that the animals would confront her at some point. She has come to the conclusion, after some time, that the animals, in fact, will not voluntarily show themselves. Although she is now somewhat more relaxed in her attitude toward the Sasquatches, she remains on guard. She has not recaptured her ease in the woods. However, she remains fascinated by their behavior. In the future, we intend to continue reporting on this area, sharing our evidence and experiences.