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Report 4 Nov. 2008

The Alabama Bigfoot Research

Clarke County, Alabama Studies Area

Field Investigation Report

Date Report Submitted: 4 Nov. 2008
Date of Encounter: (Spring) April? 2004
Time of Incident: Around 10:00AM
State: Alabama
County: Clarke
Nearest City or Town: Whatley, Alabama
Location: Hwy 84 – 1 mile east of “Old Line Rd” (CR-35)
Nearest highway or road: Hwy 84
General Land Use Description: Pine and Hardwood timber production, with some cattle and other livestock grazing.
General Terrain Description: Rolling hills with a few limerock bluffs with several small creeks, ponds and lakes that drain into the Alabama River.
Nearest Lakes or Streams: The area is located near the Alabama River with its marshes, creeks and swamps throughout the general location.

Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: That morning the witness was jogging west up Hwy 84 (About ½ mile from his home).

Details of Encounter / Incident: In the witnesses own words: “It was a typical morning; the temperature was warming up as I came up to a limestone bank. To the left of me, a creature leaped off that bank right in front of me. Apparently he did not know I was there. When he jumped off of the bank (note: bank was over 12 ft high) he landed right in front of me. I was approximately 12 feet from him. He landed standing upright on two feet as if the jump was nothing to it with its arms out in front as if to catch its balance.

He then stood there and watched as a car that was traveling down the road, passed by, and then turned and looked at me. He seemed surprised that I was there. After staring at one another for a few moments, he turned around and ran across the road into the bushes on the other side. He moved faster than anything I had ever seen before. I seen nothing more of him after he crossed the road. He did not make a sound, he just ran off. I think the people in the car saw it, but they did not stop. I turned around and headed back home immediately. I was shook-up at what I had seen.

Note: Photo shows the area and the hight of the limerock bank.

Description of the Animal: Witness stated “He was about 6’5’’. He was large, but slender. He was completely covered with hair. This hair was thick and long. It was a dirty blonde/beige color. I noticed that his arms were long. His feet were large. His head came to a point. It was low on his shoulders. I could not see if he was a male or female. I think he was a male, because I did not see any breasts. He had a long beard from his chin area, and his face was covered with hair. He had long hair coming down to his shoulder and it looked like a long wig. I could not see the eyes very well because his hair came down over his face some. His nose was flat with wide nostrils with ridges up to his eyes. His mouth seemed wide. I did not see any ears because of the long hair.”

This drawing was choosen by the witness as the nearest likeness of the creature we had.


Photos or drawings made? Photos of the area and drawings of the creature.

Photo of the road in the area.

Description of Related Sounds: None noted.
Description of Related Scents / Odors: None noted.
Report received and recorded by: K.D and C.M