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Report 28 Oct. 2008

The Alabama Bigfoot Research

Clarke County, Alabama Studies Area

Field Investigation Report

Date Report Submitted: 28 Oct. 2008
Date of Encounter: 19 Oct. 2008
Time of Incident: Around 5:30PM
Weather Conditions: Clear, Cool and Sunny
State: Alabama
County: Clarke
Nearest City or Town: Jackson, Alabama
Location: About 2 miles East of the small community of Carlton, Alabama.
Nearest highway or road: Choctaw Bluff Rd.
General Land Use Description: Pine and Hardwood timber production.
General Terrain Description: Rolling hills with a few limerock bluffs with several small creeks, ponds and lakes that drain into the Tombigbee River basin and the Alabama River basin.
Nearest Lakes or Streams: The area is somewhat centrally located between the Alabama River, which is about three miles to the east and the Tombigbee River, which is located about three miles to the west. There are oxbow lakes, marshes, creeks and swamps throughout the general location.
Witness Profile: Two local Clarke County, Alabama researchers (K.D. and C.M.)

Activities of Witness Prior to Encounter/Incident: On 19 Oct. 2008 the two researchers called me and told me they were planning on riding around a few areas looking for tracks or any other signs of Bigfoot activity.

It was then that I told them about a sighting by a man that had stopped in at one of the local small stores in the area. The store keepers wife told me that a man came in there one day just about white as a sheet and told her that a big hairy human looking thing had just walked out in the road in front of him and he had to stop to keep from almost hitting it.

I told the researchers about this past sighting and suggested they might want to ride out there and look the area over.

Upon arriving at the location given to them, (K.D. and C.M.) C.M. pulled his truck off to one side of the county road. Both men exited the truck looking down for any sign of tracks. K.D. stepped away from the truck looking around when he heard the sound of a splash in the water out in front of him. He immediately looked up and in that direction to see what had caused the splash. What he saw was a tall, jet black figure, running across from his right to the left, in the creek. He watched as it turned and continued to run up the creek at an amazing speed.

Details of Encounter / Incident: (K.D. and C.M.) were out riding some dirt roads in the Southeastern part of the county. The two men were looking for any signs of recent Bigfoot activity (tracks).

The following is their own words about what took place:

“We were out riding some dirt roads looking for any Bigfoot signs – especially tracks on the side of the roads. We first road down Society Hill Rd.to check it out. Society Hill Rd. runs into Choctaw Bluff Rd. where the pavement ends and the dirt road continues.

I called Mike earlier and told him where we were going and he suggested that we check around the creeks on Choctaw Bluff Rd.

Note: Mike had to work that day and was not able to ride with us.

As we came upon the first creek just past Stimpsons Camp Rd. we stopped to check the road for signs.

All we saw were a lot of deer tracks. The whole road side was covered with deer tracks.We commented on how many there were in this creek bottom. There was no sign of Bigfoot on the road or the creek banks.

We then drove on to the next creek, about 3 to 4 miles farther down the road. I (C.M.) was driving and stopped the truck on the side of the road as to not block the traffic if anything came down the road. (K.D.) was on the passenger side and got out ahead of me. As I exited the truck (K.D.) was already across the road at a little sand mound staring deeply at something up the creek. I noticed that he was deeply concerned about something up the creek. As I came around the back of my truck, I asked him, “Do you see something?”

He paused and said that he had heard a big splash in the creek and said it stepped into the creek and ran up the creek away from us. He said it was huge and black. He could see its arms swinging and its legs splashing in the creek as it ran up the creek away from us. He also said that he could see a distinct head but could not make out any features of its face.

I (C.M.) never saw it or heard it because I was getting out of the other side of the truck at the time. It all happened so fast. I walked down to the creek bank to see if I could find any tracks, but found none.

We stayed around the spot for about 30 minutes looking but it was getting late and we figured whatever it was, it was gone, so we left.”

Description of the Animal: The witness stated that what he saw was a tall, black, hair covered figure running in the creek on two feet. He cleary saw a black head and its body was partially concealed by limbs and leaves as it was running across and then up the creek. the witness was impressived about the height and color of the creature. While it was running up the creek splashing, it was moving tree limbs 8 to 10 feet above the creek its head and shoulders.

Follow-up the next day, 20 Oct. 2008:

I (C.M.) called K.D. at around 11:00am and told him that I think we should go back to the creek to make sure we didn’t miss finding a track or something. He agreed, and we left at around 12:30PM to return to the area of the sighting. This time my son with with us. When we got back to the creek K.D. and myself went walking up the creek bank looking for any sign of tracks. We covered the whole area and found nothing. While we were looking along the creek bank, my son happened to look at the other side of the road were the creek runs though a culvert. He called to us to come look at something he had found.

When we got there, he showed us what appeared to be a track or something in the sand and gravel bar on that side of the culvert.

It was definitely older than the day before, when K.D. had the sighting. It appeared to have been rained on lightly and some of the detail was missing. It appeared to be only 1/2 of a track that was 17 inches long. there was a defined heel depression and the sand had been pushed up around the outer areas of the depression.

A very distinct big toe depression was also noted. It all appeared very narrow for a track this long.

Investigators Note: It appeared that the track might have been made as the creature made a turn or change in direction of travel and only placed its weight on one side of its foot. This would account for the narrowness of the print.

Photos or drawings made? Photos of the area only.

This is looking up the creek.


This is looking up the creek from the road.


Another angle of up the creek.


Description of Related Sounds: Only those sounds of slashing in the water. No vocal sounds heard.
Description of Related Scents / Odors: None noted.

Historical Notes: Several written and posted reports along with those that have only a verbal history, have been noted in this area for several years. One old report from Clarke County ( http://www.alabamabigfoot.com/bigfoot/reports/RFPreport4.htm )which took place in the Winter of 1943 or 1944 was not very far from this location.


Report received and recorded by: C.M. (Mike) McLain, Alabama Bigfoot Research